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Please find some attached photos of felicitation of Ajeet Col MB Ravindranath, VrC at Drass on 26 Jul 2009. Ajeet Ramesh Bhat made a special effort to accompany Ajeet Col MB Ravindranath, VrC to Drass and felicitate on behalf of all Ajeets with a salver.

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Arjun Muthanna

Felicitating Ajeet Col MB Ravindranath, VrC at Drass War memorial on 26 Jul 2009. Ajeets Ramesh Bhat & Brig K Arjun Muthanna.are seen .

Thursday, July 1, 1999

My child is nation's son, says Tololing mission chief's father

Express News Service
Davanagere, June 30: ``My son is now the son of the Motherland,'' says Magodu Basappa, a retired school teacher, proudly. He has reason to be proud. His son Ravindranath is a Lieutenant Colonel and Commanding Officer in-charge of the Rajputana Rifles Regiment, which successfully captured the Tololing peak from Pakistani intruders.

On June 14, the family received the call they had been waiting for Lt Col Ravindranath telephoned to say, ``Operation successful. We have captured the Tololing peak.'' ``It was the happiest moment of my life,'' says Basappa, with tears in his eyes. Ravindranath (39) has been with the Army for 19 years. Eldest of three boys, he had dreamt of a career in the Army from childhood. ``In fact, I had planned to send two of my sons to the Army to serve the nation, but it was only Ravi who got the chance,'' says Basappa.Ravindranath joined the Sainik School in Bijapur after passing Class IV and studied there up to PUC. Immediately after school he was qualified the entrance exam conductedby National Defence Academy. In 1980 he was in Kadakwasla for training, where he completed his B.Sc.

After completing training in Dehradun, Ravindranath got his first posting at Arunachal Pradesh. Through hard work he rose to the position of instructor at the military training school in Mhow. After spending five years at the training school, he left for Kashmir for the first time in 1986-87 to fight militants. He served in the region in 1989-90 and 1994-96. He is fighting in the region for the fourth time, this time in Kargil.

``My son is serving the country which has made him a man. What more can I say?'' says Sarojamma, Ravindranath's mother. Basappa adds, ``Ravi always joked that he was the son of the nation and not my son. He has proved it.''Ravindranath's wife Anitha is just as proud of him. ``My husband is doing a fine job,'' she says. ``I knew about the Army and the uncertainties I would face before I married him, it didn't make any difference to me. Anything can happen anytime. It is our fate, weshould bear whatever comes.''

Anitha thinks that all able-bodied young men should come forward to join the Army, specially now when they are needed the most. ``Serving the country is any day a bigger mission than serving the family, but I hope Ravi returns safely,'' she says. ``I pray for the success and welfare of all the Army personnel who are fighting for the nation,'' says Basappa.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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